Maximizing Your Dividend Gains: International Edition
Maximizing Your Dividend Gains: International Edition

Maximizing Your Dividend Gains: International Edition

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Maximizing Your Dividend Gains: International Edition

As an investor, maximizing your dividend gains is always top of mind. The good news is that there are numerous opportunities available internationally. While these opportunities come with their own risks, the rewards are potentially much greater than those available in domestic markets.

In this article, we’ll explore how to maximize your dividend gains in international markets, including the benefits of diversification, emerging markets, and currency exposure. We’ll also provide concrete examples of how to achieve success when investing internationally.

The Benefits of Diversification

One of the biggest advantages of international investing is diversification. By investing in companies across different geographies, investors can hedge against risks in their domestic markets. For example, if a domestic market is down, it’s possible that another market is up at the same time, which can mitigate losses.

Furthermore, international markets can offer high-quality companies that operate in industries different than those found domestically. For instance, emerging markets often have rising middle classes with a growing demand for consumer and healthcare companies that may not be available in the domestic market.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are often overlooked by investors, but they offer unique opportunities for dividend gains. These markets are characterized by high growth rates, as new companies emerge and consumers move up the income ladder.

For example, China has been experiencing explosive growth, while most Western economies are slowing down. It may come as a surprise to some that the Chinese equities market is the second largest in the world, with over 4,000 companies listed. While China may be risky, investing wisely avoids that potential churn.

Currency Exposure

Investing internationally also provides investors with the opportunity to take advantage of currency exposure. For example, if a foreign currency appreciates against the investor’s currency, the investor could make a profit even if the stock’s value remains the same.

Certainly, currency risks exist. However, with proper risk management and hedging techniques, currency exposure can be a powerful tool to enhance profitability.

Case Study

One example of a company with strong dividend performance in international markets is the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, whose HQ are in Basel. Novartis is a well-managed company with a global footprint, and it consistently yields around 3.5% in dividends per share. Novartis is also an attractive option due to the growth potential in certain emerging markets.


International investing can provide investors with access to high-quality companies, diversification against risks in domestic markets, and the possibility of currency exposure if done cautiously. Emerging markets and currencies offer potential for high gains, but also carry risk. Investors must be cautious and strategic in their investments, but the potential pay-off is great.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the benefits of investing in international markets?
The benefits are diversification and access to high-quality companies that might be unavailable domestically.

2. What are the risks of investing in emerging markets?
Possible risks include geopolitical instability, lack of corporate governance, currency volatility, and lack of liquidity.

3. How can investors mitigate currency risk in international investing?
Investors may use hedging techniques like buying currency derivatives or hedging with futures contracts.

4. What are your recommendations for a diversified international portfolio?
A diversified international portfolio should include a mix of developed and emerging markets, industries, and currencies.

5. Can investing in international markets increase my dividend yield?
Yes. International markets offer access to high-quality companies that can outperform those in domestic markets, increasing yields for investors.

Maximizing Your Dividend Gains: International Edition

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