Teach Your Kids to Save Money with These Fun Financial Games
Teach Your Kids to Save Money with These Fun Financial Games

Teaching your Kids the Savings Habits of Millionaires

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Teaching Your Kids the Savings Habits of Millionaires

We all want our children to succeed in life, and one of the best ways to help them achieve their goals is by instilling good financial habits early on. With many self-made millionaires attributing their success to a strong savings mentality, it’s more important than ever to teach children the savings habits of the wealthy. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to do so.

Thesis Statement: By teaching your children the savings habits of millionaires, you’re giving them the tools to succeed financially in life.

The Importance of Saving Early On

One of the most critical aspects of saving is beginning early. According to a 2020 survey conducted by Charles Schwab, those who began saving in their 20s were twice as likely to be considered financially “comfortable” as those who began in their 30s. By teaching children to save from an early age, you’re giving them a head start on a financially stable future.

Ways to Teach Kids the Savings Habits of Millionaires

1. Lead by Example

As with most aspects of parenting, children learn by example. If parents have healthy savings habits, children are more likely to adopt these habits as well. Discussing your savings habits with your children and educating them on the importance of saving can make a significant impact.

2. Create a Savings Goal Chart

Children often learn better with visuals, so creating a savings goal chart can help make savings more tangible. Together, outline a goal, such as saving for a family vacation, and create a chart to track their progress. This not only teaches children that saving is purposeful, but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment as they see their progress.

3. Encourage Entrepreneurship

Teaching children entrepreneurial skills can help them from a financial standpoint in the long run. Encouraging children to think about how they can make money, selling homemade goods at a yard sale, or starting a small business can help them build a savings mentality from a young age.

4. Discuss Budgeting

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of responsible spending, and it’s an essential savings habit. By teaching children how to budget, you’re showing them how to manage their earnings and resist the temptations to overspend. Consider an allowance system for younger children, where they’re given a set amount and must budget it accordingly.

5. Encourage Saving at a Young Age

Teaching your children to save regularly, even small amounts, can make a significant impact over time. Consider setting up a savings account for them, and encourage them to deposit a portion of their earnings or gifts they receive. Not only does it help them form healthy habits, but it can also teach them the value of patience.


Q: What age is too young to start teaching savings habits?
A: It’s never too early to start. Even as young as two years old, children can learn the concept of putting aside savings.

Q: What’s the best way to discuss savings with children?
A: The best way to discuss savings with children is in terms that they can understand. Visuals, such as a savings jar, can help make it tangible.

Q: How can I encourage my children to save if they’re resistant?
A: Encouraging entrepreneurship and creating a savings goal chart can help incentivize children to save. It’s also essential to lead by example and maintain a healthy savings habit yourself.


Teaching your children the savings habits of millionaires is vital to their future financial success. Starting early, leading by example, creating a goal chart, encouraging entrepreneurship, and discussing budgeting are some of the best ways to instill healthy saving habits in children. Remember, the earlier you begin teaching these habits, the stronger savings mentality your child will have when they’re older.

Teaching Your Kids the Savings Habits of Millionaires

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